Mindful Aging

Questions and challenges

You look in the mirror and wonder who are you.

When you contemplate your life, you see so many changes. You are worried and anxious about what will be next. You’ve faced so much loss, so much uncertainty – and know there are so many challenges ahead.

Who are you now?

You have always had a certain career or a specific role in the family. You have always looked a certain way and inhabited a body that could do certain things.

Your familiar ways of being, doing, and looking shows signs of slipping away. It is troubling. You wonder who you are now that your kids are more independent – or perhaps you’re changing careers.

As you consider these concerns, anxiety and worry arise.

Youth culture

Living in a youth culture makes it harder. Youth culture emphasizes striving, performing well, and acquiring. It values speed and looking good in all the ways possible – physically, professionally, financially, and socially.

It is hard to compete in that arena as we move past 50.

Change is inevitable but…

Things will change. Many things are out of your control – but not all things.

You get to choose how you want to be at this time in your life.

Some focus only on loss while others balance loss with opportunity and gains. They take care of their bodies and their minds. They find purpose, connection and ways to contribute.

Some say it is the best time of their lives. Even with ups and downs, as we all have, you can embrace this middle phase of life.

Who do you want to be?

You want to be the kind of person who ages well. You want to find peace and purpose and connection, but it is hard. You are struggling to find a path forward.

The struggle is real.

You have many questions. You wonder what opportunities to learn, enjoy, and contribute are now possible.

It is normal to have questions and fears. You just need a little help finding your way.

Therapy can help you find your answers

Answers lie within you, but you need support, encouragement, and skills to find them. Answers will come when you give attention to the questions.

Therapy is the perfect place to do that.

Reach out

If you are struggling, reach out. Let’s find out what is on your mind. Let’s make sense of where you have been and where you are going. Let’s create a positive present and a positive future.

Come. Tell your story. Explore. This is your time.

I am here to help.

Call me at (202) 258-7079; let’s talk for 15 minutes and learn what life still has in store for you.