Individual Therapy

Life can be hard.

Something is troubling you, keeping you stuck.

You are searching for answers – for relief – for peace.

Too many days it feels like things aren’t going your way. Too many days you feel lost and alone with your problems.

People around you either don’t know how you are feeling or don’t know how to help even when they try. You need someone to trust and a place to feel heard.

Therapy can be that place.

Family and friends mean well. They care for you… but they hear you through their own personal filters. If they even really listen…

Unlike with other relationships, in therapy you are center stage. No one changes the topic. It is all about you.

In individual therapy, there is only one goal – and that goal is to help you.

Should I – or shouldn’t I?

Jen was anxious and worried but wasn’t sure if therapy was right for her. She thought that she had enough support at home and wasn’t sure how therapy could help.

When stress started to interrupt her sleep and make it hard for her to concentrate at work, she turned to her husband for support. They had always had a good relationship. She knew he cared about her and wanted to help.

While at first it was comforting to talk to him, eventually it became clear that he was unable to help her in the way she needed. He was becoming frustrated. She felt more alone. The fun was going out of their marriage.

Jen saw that she needed a different kind of support. She chose to enter therapy where she could talk to a skilled, experienced person trained to help.

Telling her story in a private setting, Jen appreciated that she could talk without interruption or distraction. She learned about herself and acquired the skills she needed to resolve the issues that were troubling her.

Therapy is more than talk.

Therapy offers experiences that remove the obstacles that are holding you back.

We work with mind, body and spirit in ways that go beyond usual conversation. All of therapy is designed to free you so that you can be the person you want to be and live the life you want to live.

If you are not feeling the way you would like to feel, reach out. Let’s explore how to put you in charge of your own destiny.

Call me at (202) 258-7079 or complete the contract form. Let’s get started today.