Group Therapy

To know that you are not the ‘only’ one…

Individual therapy can be wonderful when you want all the focus to be about you, but there are times when healing in community can be just the thing you need.

Group therapy allows you to hear what others are experiencing. It allows you to both give and receive.

Struggling with your individual issues can be lonely. Group therapy can help you break through your loneliness and heal.

In a group, you will be part of something larger. Learning and growing with others can be a wonderful experience in addition to individual therapy or just on its own.

Mind-Body Therapy Groups Are Special

In mind-body groups, we will integrate talk with instruction in mind-body skills. You will be able to learn and practice techniques such as mindfulness, breathing, meditation, and EFT tapping that will be valuable for you now and in your future.

If you want to have others help you set goals and stay on track, this can happen for you in a group.

Wisdom Circles

Wisdom Circles are groups for people who are interested in wise aging. You will share issues and concerns while also learning about how various wisdom traditions have approached aging issues and spirituality. In this group, you will honor your past while creating a positive future.

Sharing on a Topic

You are dealing with a particular topic or life situation that is causing stress. It could be a health challenge. It could be anxiety or infertility or a life transition, such as divorce or retirement. You would like to share your thoughts and concerns on a particular subject with others who are having similar experiences.

In the past, I have led groups on fertility, cancer, anxiety and depression, stress, as well as general mind/body groups, including people with a variety of concerns.

I have special trainings and certification as a mind/body group leader and years of experience.

If you are thinking that a group experience might be right for you, please reach out at (202) 258-7079. We will discuss your issues and see if there is a group that will work for you.