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Life in the DC metro area is stressful.

You do your best to hold it all together, but a new challenge, a loss, a health issue, or a relationship problem is making it harder.

Your anxiety level is rising. You worry. Perhaps you are depressed.

The life you are living is not the life you had imagined for yourself. You are not able to feel as good about yourself as you would like.

You may be keeping your concerns to yourself, or you may be sharing with others. Either way, you are not finding the peace and contentment you long for.

Solutions are possible.

Mind-body therapy will address all of you. You will learn techniques to help you resolve issues and to reduce stress. We will work with your thoughts, your feelings, your body, and your life situations.

You will have a confidante and a guide by your side.

You don’t need to figure it all out on your own. Everyone needs someone at sometime in their lives.

Let’s get you started on your path to peace.

If you want to find relief from anxiety and become more comfortable in your life, reach out. My practice focuses on stress and anxiety. I have advanced training in many forms of mind-body therapy and over 25 years of experience helping people reduce worry and find peace.

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Barbara Blitzer, LCSW-C, M.Ed.

Relief is possible. Let’s be the team that
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Helping people find the way to a more peaceful self has been my passion for many years. There are many paths to peace, and I have made it my business to learn as much as possible about as many of them as I can.

You have already taken the first step by exploring this site. Now take the next step and contact me for a free, no obligation consultation.

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Letting go isn’t easy…

I listen, get to know and understand you. I give you a space to say the things you’ve needed to for a long time. Then, I help you use your natural ability to heal – to unravel what is holding you back and create the life you want. It isn’t easy, but it’s necessary… I can help.