People Who
Worry Too Much

Do worry and anxiety keep You from sleeping on a frequent basis? Do worry and anxiety keep You from enjoying people or activities? Are you so concerned about how you are being perceived that you are uncomfortable or self-conscious around people?

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Fertility Counseling

Have you been frustrated in your attempts to conceive? Have you experienced a miscarriage? Are you in treatment and wondering when or if you should stop? Are you considering alternative ways of building a family?

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Are you in conflict with a boss, a coworker or a family member? Are you wondering how to resolve an issue with someone and not sure what to do? Are you wondering what to do about a relationship that is troubling? Do you compare yourself to others or feel shy in social situations?

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Are you struggling with grief after the loss of a loved one? Have you experienced a breakup or a divorce? Are you looking for next steps after graduation, a career change, or retirement?

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Looking for therapy? I’m a psychotherapist with offices in downtown Bethesda and downtown Silver Spring. I have a broad range of training and over 25 years of experience helping people grow towards greater happiness and personal fulfillment.

I can help you with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, career issues, marital problems, relationship challenges, infertility, life transitions, and patterns that no longer serve you. My approach integrates conventional talk psychotherapy with mindfulness training, energy therapy, meditation, and coaching to assist you in discovering, clarifying, and creating the life you want. Please take a moment to read more about me and the services I offer. I understand that it’s not always easy to make a decision about a psychotherapist simply by reading a website. To determine if I would be a good fit for you, please feel free to contact me directly at 202.258.7079 or e-mail me at barbarablitzer@mac.com. Since “good chemistry” is important when working with a therapist, I offer a free telephone consultation to determine if our personalities and approaches mesh and if I am the one who can give you optimal results.


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It is my goal to help others reduce anxiety and live happier, more fulfilling lives.  I bring a wide repertoire of appraches and varied experiences to help you actualize your dreams, heal your past, let go of your pain, and embrace a positive future.