Anxiety and Worry

When your mind just won’t let it go…

Anxiety, stress, and worry – your constant companions. Everybody has some anxiety, but for you it is more intense. It is always with you, no matter what.

Constant anxiety and worry can be very uncomfortable. Your body can body feel tense. You may even experience panic.

Anxiety is so uncomfortable that it is natural to try to find relief.

Of course, you may be trying avoidance methods.

To find peace, you may be excessively drinking, becoming a shop-a-holic, or even working all the time.

What about those situations you fear and try to avoid? You’re missing out on some good things because staying safe from too much anxiety is more important.

You may be recognizing that you have a problem because your strategies for avoiding anxiety are not working long-term and are even creating new problems.

Have you tried these ways to feel better?

Jen was very anxious in social situations. She went to an office party and drank too much. She embarrassed herself and undermined her professional reputation.

Jessica felt relief when she was shopping. She overdrew her bank account and couldn’t pay important bills.

John was more comfortable when he was working. That was when his mind could focus on something other than his worries. To find relief, John worked so much that his marriage suffered, and his children barely knew him.

I can offer a better way.

There is a better way to find relief, a better source of peace. In therapy, we will find out why you are so anxious. You have reasons.

We will attend to your body and help you learn how to relax. We will look at the way your mind works and see if you are scaring yourself with your own thoughts. We will consider the situations in your life that may be causing you trouble.

Reach out.

If you are suffering from anxiety, you want solutions. Let’s find a better way for you to live.

Call me at (202) 258-7079; let’s have a 15-minute conversation about how I can help you.