Women’s Health

I don’t have time for this!

Your body isn’t working the way you would like or expect. As a woman, you live so close to your body. Expecting your body to function as it is supposed to is normal – but right now it isn’t.

It is disturbing, threatening, and causing you a lot of stress, anxiety and worry.

Infertility in a young woman can lead to devasting emotional issues and relationship problems.

A middle-aged woman having a difficult time with menopause can wreck a calm family life.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer or another cancer turns your life upside down.

Whatever the situation, right now, your body does not feel like it used to, and you are struggling.

Hundreds of questions plague you.

How do I manage now? How long will this last? How serious is this? What do I do next? Where should I turn for help? What will be the outcome?

This is hard. Whether your body is changing in a natural way as in menopause or due to cancer treatment or other issue, the truth is you are feeling worried and stressed.

People may tell you that the stress is making it all worse – but this IS stressful. You don’t know how to be calmer, and you wonder why some people think it would even be possible.

Emotions may take over.

Along the way, with all of this physical and emotional challenge, you find your emotions are more unpredictable. Your relationships may shift.

You find out who you can count on and who will be the one to make the insensitive remarks and do the hurtful things. You start to evaluate what is important in your life.

This is a time of uncertainty. It is hard to plan when you don’t know what will happen in the future. If you are in treatment, many plans go on hold. If you are not feeling well, there are things you can’t do.

In all of these situations, the stakes are high while your ability to control your situation is low. This is the perfect formula for anxiety, worry, depression.

Katherine was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 50.

The shock of the diagnosis was awful. Immediately, she began to imagine the worst possible outcomes despite predictions by her doctor of a good resolution.

At the outset, there were many questions and procedures. She didn’t know if it was aggressive. She didn’t know if cancer was in her lymph nodes. She wasn’t sure about what her treatment would be and what she could expect in the future.

Fear mixed with many medical appointments and procedures. What would happen to her? How could she manage the treatment? What would her future be and, most scary of all, how long would that future be?

It was determined that she did not have an aggressive form of cancer but, nonetheless, needed surgery, chemo, and radiation. Once in treatment, she had to adjust to side effects and the result of surgery.

It was a long haul for Katherine from diagnosis to reconstruction. In the end, she was cancer free, but life had changed. She was always aware of the uncertainty and fragility of life. It was unlikely that her cancer would return, but, of course, not certain.

As a result of the cancer, Katherine’s priorities had shifted. She appreciated life in a new way and savored every moment.

My training and my life’s experiences can help you through your challenges.

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In addition to professional training and experience, I have personally experienced these major health issues.

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