Pet-Assisted Therapy

Oliver – full of peace and willing to share.

Oliver is a 7-lb. Maltese who is often in the office with me. He will greet you, and, sometimes, if you like, he will sit next to you on the sofa.

Most people enjoy Oliver’s company. He is an informal, friendly guy. Many people find his presence calming and pleasant.

Just like people, Oliver has his moods. He can be quiet and cuddly, or he can be a bit playful.

But Oliver likes vacations, too.

Having Oliver in the room is a great addition to therapy for many people – but not for all. He won’t mind having a day off if you prefer he not be there.

Be sure to let me know how you feel about Oliver in advance of your appointment.

We both would enjoy joining you on your path to a better life, full of joy and contentment. Please call me at (202) 258-7079 or complete the contact form below.