You May Be Wondering

Where are you located?

I have two offices, one in downtown Bethesda close to the Bethesda metro and an additional office near downtown Silver Spring. Both are accessible by public transportation but many people drive and are able to find parking.

4809 St. Elmo Avenue Bethesda, MD 20814

8 Park Valley Road Silver Spring, MD 20910

Do you take insurance?

I do not participate directly with insurance companies, but I will provide you with all the paper work you need to get reimbursed by your insurance company. This system affords you greater privacy and greater control over when you begin and end therapy.

What are your fees?

My fees are well within the standard fees for the area. I also offer some sliding fee appointments. If finances are a concern, please contact me so that we can discuss your needs.

How long will I have to come?

Therapy is a very individual process. There is no standard number of sessions. It depends on you and your situation. Once we begin, I will share my thoughts on how things are progressing, but you are always in charge of whether you want to continue.

I like to work in the most efficient and time effective way possible.

What will happen in our first session?

Most people find me warm and accepting. I know it is not easy to talk with a stranger about personal matters. We will discuss what has brought you to therapy and explore your hopes and expectations. We will be a team working to help you meet your goals.

Will you just listen or will you help me find answers?

I am not the kind of therapist who will sit and listen almost silently for years. I believe you have your own truth and healing within but are having trouble finding it.

My job is to actively help you discover your best, happiest, most unique self by providing perspective and skills.

How will you help me?

First, we will talk about what is causing you stress, worry, or anxiety. It could be something in your life situation or something in the way you habitually think.

Stress and anxiety also have a physical effect, so we will pay attention to the body’s response and use practices that will help you feel at peace.

I believe in teaching you techniques you can use on your own so that you will be more empowered.

Will I have homework?

Sometimes, there will be things you can practice at home, but I promise it won’t be like when you went to school. There will be no grades.

One more thing

Oliver, my small Maltese dog, is often in the office. He is 7 pounds, hypo-allergenic, and a comfort to most.

If you don’t like dogs or just don’t want him in the room, let me know. I will try to give Oliver a little time out of the office. I want you to be comfortable.