Grief and Loss

The Way It Was

Why can’t things just stay the same?

The only constant in life isn’t just “death and taxes” – it’s change.

Let’s face it. We all experience changes in our lives. Some are easy, but some are not.

Some leave long-lasting scars and intense pain.

Many Losses, Much Grief

And it’s not just about death: We grieve lots of things.

Loss of innocence – breakups and divorce – aging and loss of physical capabilities – infertility – health diagnoses – job changes.

But death of a loved one hits us the hardest.

It is so painful. You have lost someone important to you. You are sad, perhaps angry. Your body aches. You feel heavy or sometimes numb.

Without your loved one, the whole world looks different. You wonder how it is possible that ordinary life is going on as it was now that your life has been changed forever.

Your loss is so personal. You grieve in your own way. It is not always the same.

Sometimes you stay busy to avoid feeling. At other times you don’t feel motivated to do anything. You cry at unexpected times. Memories make you smile – and then they make you cry.

Holidays, anniversaries and special events are really tough. You try your best to get through it. None of this is easy.

Mindy Struggled After Losing Her Husband

Mindy could hardly get out of bed after her husband died. She just couldn’t imagine life without him. She missed seeing him everyday. She missed their rituals. She missed his companionship and support…

It was impossible for Mindy to envision a future without him. And yet, he was gone.

After struggling on her own for awhile, Mindy decided to get some help. In therapy, she talked about her husband and their life together. She also shared her regrets and how her life had changed.

Mindy needed to make many adjustments now that she was alone. It seemed overwhelming to deal with the finances, the paperwork, and the house. She had a lot of decisions to make about how and even where she wanted to live.

In therapy, Mindy worked though her grief to find new energy and new goals. She would never forget her husband or stop missing him, but time made it manageable. She built a new life so she could be productive life for many years to come.

Loss Can Make You Feel Alone

Loss is so lonely. Sharing helps to ease the burden. In therapy, you can have a safe place to talk about what was and what life is like for you now.

By talking, you honor your loss, accept it as well as you can and, in your own time, in your own way, find a path forward.

I would be honored to walk with you on your journey to a new way of living without what you once had. Please call me at (202) 258-7079 or complete the contact form.