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Evaluating Where You Are in Mid-Life Is Positive

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Where do I go from here?

Looking back at your life at your age is not a bad thing – if you are doing so to review your accomplishments and consider what new goals you want to meet.

It’s not a good thing to dwell on all you’ve missed. Choices always result in giving up something to get something else. And after college, career, family, there had to be choices.

Struggles when you least expect them.

Life probably has thrown you a few curves as you reached mid-life. After all, that’s what ‘living’ is all about. Anxiety and stress may have appeared through different pieces of your journey.

In mid-life, you may be facing an empty nest. You may be tempted to go back to school and change careers. Divorce is more likely in mid-life. And… we begin to be more aware of deaths in our circle – and the resulting grief.

Life after 50!

As we look at where you are, we will clarify your core values and priorities. This will allow us to identify strengths and enduring characteristics that reflect the real you.

We can design a plan for your middle years that provides a path for growth and a toolbox full of options to handle the many changes that will come into your life during this life stage.

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This is exactly the best time to ‘take stock’ and evaluate if your choices have been helpful. There is time to adjust – time to change – time to set new goals and reach them.

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