Are Changes in Your Life Causing Anxiety, Stress, Depression or Worry?

As our lives progress, our circumstances change.  Some changes we welcome happily, while other can fill us with dread and uncertainty.  We may not know what our next step will be or how to live peacefully in a new situation.

  • Are you struggling with grief after the loss of a loved one?
  • Have you experienced a breakup or a divorce?
  • Do you have empty nest depression?
  • Are you looking for next steps after graduation, a career change, or retirement?
  • Are you challenged by changes in personal or work relationships and trying to adjust?
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut and are you looking for new purpose?

Change can produce feelings of loss and uncertainty.  Depending on which type of transition you are facing, you may be experiencing grief, depression or anxiety. New circumstances may make you feel that you have arrived in a foreign county without a map or a guide. You may lack energy or clarity just at a time when you need to make decisions or perform in a new role or situation. 

Most People Have A Period Of Adjustment When Change Occurs.

Change is inevitable as is the stress that accompanies it. Both happy and unhappy events produce stress. Holmes and Rahe have created a scale of stressors. Stress points are assigned to each life event.  As you may suspect, major losses such as the death of a spouse or divorce top the list with the most stress points, but events such as job loss, retirement, marriage or the birth of a child are also assigned significant points.  Anything that demands adjustment to new circumstances, even seemingly happy events, can present a challenge.  If you are experiencing a life transition and are feeling grief, worry, or stress, you are not alone.

Therapy, Counseling, And Holistic Mind-Body Stress Reduction Can Help.

If you are experiencing a difficult passage, there is no reason to go it alone.  Therapy can help you make meaning of your experience and to understand it in a way that helps you move forward.  Confusion can often accompany change. Counseling can help you untangle your thoughts and find a way forward. The way we react to events can be as important as the event itself.  To one person a pregnancy is cause for a celebration while to another, it may be unwelcomed.  Retirement may be the happy reward after a lifetime of work for some but for others it may be a depressing time without purpose or meaning. The significance we assign to events as well as the skills we have for managing stress and anxiety are of the utmost importance in times of transition.  Talking about the changes in your life will help you understand and evaluate the meaning of the transition you are experiencing.  Working with mindfulness and holistic mind-body stress reduction techniques will give you the skills and techniques to navigate new ground with greater clarity and peace.

What Happens In A Session

As a holistic therapist, I will work with you to create an individualized plan with approaches and techniques that work best for you.  First we will talk to identify the sources of distress.  We want to know what has happened and how it is affecting you.  We will want to explore your hopes and dreams about the future as well as your fears.  Next we will try to find the bridge between whatever is happening in the present and the life you hope to create in the future.  Depending on you and your needs and preferences we may stay with talk alone, working with the patterns of thoughts.  We may also integrate coaching to help you make decisions, find your next steps, and come to a place of greater peace. As an experienced therapist, counselor, and mind-body skills coach, I have worked with people troubled by most types of life transitions and challenges.  I have been with them through their struggles, and have had the pleasure of seeing them find peace in their new circumstances. With the help of an experienced, compassionate therapist, you can make sense of this new time in your life, make good decisions, reduce worry, anxiety, and depression and create the best life possible for you at this time.

If You Still Have Concerns...

Some people feel that time heals and they should get through stressful times on their own. While it is true that many people come to terms with change on their own, if you are experiencing anxiety, worry, or depression, therapy can help you come to greater understanding and peace more quickly. There is no need to prolong suffering when assistance is available. If you are wondering whether or not I can be of help, please contact me for a free consultation.  I am here to help.

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