Stressed by Changes in Your Life?

Are changes in your life causing you stress and worry? If so, you are not alone.  It is natural to feel stress in times of transition.  When things change our sense of security is challenged.  We have to find new ways of dealing with an unfamiliar situation and it is not always comfortable to do so.  It can feel as though we are arriving in a new country without knowing the language or customs.  We don’t have a road map and we may flounder until we get our bearings. 

new beginning.jpg

There are many kinds of transitions; some are happy, even joyous events while others may involve loss.  Sometimes we leave the old to find the new and the transition involves fear of the unknown. 

Learning how to thrive in a new situation is not always easy.  A move, a graduation, a new job or a new child may all seem positive but still require us to find a new set of skills.  The loss of a loved one feels devastating. 

In times of transition it is important to be flexible, patient and optimistic.  Whether it is a new job, a new relationship status, or a recent loss, optimism and trust are key ingredients in moving through change.  Trust that you will adjust to this change as you have adjusted to change in the past.  Know that you can get help if needed because it is not easy to go through transitions without support.  Learn mindfulness, find an activity that brings you comfort.   As much as possible, embrace the moment.  Mine your strengths and your resources.  Create a circle of support with friends and family. Breathe.   Most importantly, be compassionate with yourself.  Change is not easy but many times new circumstances bring new rewards.