I offer individual, couple, and group therapy.  I also offer mind-body stress reduction sessions and training in meditation and mindfulness. 

Individual Therapy:

Individual therapy will allow you total attention to your issues and an individualized plan to help you move forward in your life.  In individual therapy we will explore your thoughts and feelings and create an integrated approach to help you meet your goals. 

Couples Therapy:

If you are having problems with your spouse or partner, couples therapy can help you communicate your needs and feelings in a safe environment.  Couples can easily develop repetitive, self-defeating patterns of communication that leave both parties feeling hurt and angry.  Couples counseling can help you learn new ways of being with each other that bring happiness instead of pain.

Group Therapy:

Group therapy can help you connect with others.  You can gather many perspectives and feel the support of a group. Since I offer time-limited groups on various topics such as anxiety, medical conditions, and stress, please be sure to leave your email if you would like to be informed about current offerings.

The Mind-Body Skills Training, Mindfulness and Wellness Counseling:

Mind-Body skills training can be part of therapy or can be a separate offering for people who would like to learn these skills and incorporate them in their lives but who are not seeking therapy.  Many people who have therapists or who are not interested in therapy do this training as a separate offering.

Pet-Assisted Therapy:

Oliver (My Co-Therapist)

Oliver (My Co-Therapist)

I often have a small dog the therapy room. Many people find his presence comforting.  He is hypoallergenic and non-shedding. If this is an issue for you, please let me know so that I can make alternative arrangements for him.

You May be Wondering

How Long Do I Have to Come?

The number of sessions depends on you and your goals.  Some people can resolve issues in a very short number of sessions while others benefit from a long-term therapy.  I will offer my recommendations but your wishes will be respected and you are always free to discontinue sessions.

Fees and Insurance:

I do not participate directly with insurance companies. I will offer you a statement that will enable you to be reimbursed directly by your insurance company.  Insurance policies vary widely so you may want to speak to yours about reimbursement rates for out-of-network mental health treatment.  My fees are within the customary range.  If you have difficulty with financial issues, please don’t hesitate to ask me about a sliding fee option. 

Where Are You Located?

I have two offices, one in downtown Bethesda close to the redline Bethesda metro.  I have an additional office in Silver Spring close to Takoma Park.  The Silver Spring office is slightly more than a mile from both the Takoma Park metro and the Silver Spring metro.  There is also a bus stop at the corner of my Silver Spring office.


I see clients Monday through Friday. I have appointments available during the day and in the early evenings.  Please contact me about your individual scheduling needs.


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