About Me

I’m a therapist with multi-faceted training, extensive experience, and strong intuition. I work in a supportive, collaborative, and creative way with my clients. I believe it is my job to help people find their own inner wisdom, strength, and resources. When we carry too much pain, disappointment and conflict, our inner light dims and fades away. We can become depressed, anxious or frustrated. Making wise decisions, finding solutions, and maintaining positive relationships can become challenging. Peace and contentment elude us.

I work closely with my clients to help remove the distress that makes inner clarity difficult to find. I also teach practical skills to improve relationships and to reduce stress, anxiety, and fear. I have worked extensively in the infertility field with very positive results.

It is my passion to assist others in becoming their authentic selves. My job is to help my clients uncover who they are and what is important to them. I bring a large repertoire of approaches and varied experiences to bear in helping you actualize your dreams, heal your past, let go of your pain, and embrace a positive future.

I have advanced training and certification in hypnosis, meditation, consciousness studies, imagery, couples therapy, and coaching and am a former faculty member with The Center for Mind Body Medicine. My credentials include an M.S.W. from Catholic University, an M.Ed. from American University, and an LCSW-C from the state of Maryland. I have lectured widely throughout the metro DC area on mind-body therapies and my work has been featured in The Washington Post. Most important of all, I am personally a long-term student and practitioner of meditation and advanced consciousness. When I am with you, I am able to listen deeply and see clearly.